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"The Terror of Blue John Gap" Project
Launched by Deck & Holder

April 18, 2022 — Late last year we announced that Margie Deck and Nancy Holder (pictured above, left and right, with a terrified Dr. James Hardcastle between them) had agreed to co-edit a new annotated edition of ACD's classic horror story, "The Terror of Blue John Gap." Since then, Margie and Nancy have been developing this project in more directions, and in more interesting ways, than we could have imagined. Now they are ready to go public. You can read their introductory essay — Welcome to "The Terror of Blue John Gap" Project & All Our Questions — and a whole lot more at their new website. You can also get there by clicking on the "Terror of Blue John Gap" image at the top right-hand corner of this page. Go! Now! Look for more news (and imagery) about this project in the next issue of A Common Newsletter later this spring. (Photo of Nancy Holder courtesy of Erin Underwood.)


Doylean Honors at
The Mysterious Bookshop in 2023

March 28, 2022 — The ACD Society will return to Otto Penzler’s The Mysterious Bookshop for its second annual Doylean Honors awards ceremony. The event will take place on the Thursday (January 5) of the 2023 BSI Weekend, at 11:30 a.m. Many thanks to Otto! It is a great honor and pleasure to recognize excellence in Doylean arts, literature, scholarship, and service in such a respectable, enjoyable, and significant place, and in such fine company.


Doylean Honors at
The Mysterious Bookshop

February 18, 2022 — On January 13, 2022, the Doylean-Sherlockian glitterati begin to gather at Otto Penzler’s The Mysterious Bookshop for the ACD Society’s inaugural Doylean Honors awards ceremony. Above, left to right: Otto Penzler, Derrick Belanger, Mike McSwiggin, Les Klinger, Bev Wolov, Tom Horrocks, Brian Belanger, Peter Blau, Ray Betzner, Ross Davies, Don Hobbs, Joe Eckrich, Steve Mason, Jerry Kegley, and Mark Jones. Below: ACD Society committee chairs and awards presenters Derrick Belanger and Monica Schmidt (with cricket jersey in hand) prepare to appear on stage. Photographs courtesy of Christopher Zordan.


Doylean Honors Are in the Mail

February 10, 2022 — Doylean Honors certificates (accompanied by the associated gift credits to The Mysterious Bookshop) are finally in the mail to the honorees. We hope they find suitable locations for proud display. And this seems like an appropriate moment to share the thoughtful acceptance we received from honoree Douglas Kerr.


Watch the Doylean Honors Ceremony
on Doings of Doyle

January 18, 2022 — The Doings of Doyle YouTube channel features a complete recording of our inaugural Doylean Honors ceremony, including  announcements of the honorees: Gretchen Altabef, Stephen Carver, Stephen Gallagher, Daniel Henocq, Douglas Kerr, Bonnie MacBird, Peggy Perdue, Christopher Roden, Shawna Ross, and Barbara Rusch. The formal proceedings begin about four minutes into the recording. Watch all the way to the end to catch Monica Schmidt's pitch (at about 21:07) for The ACD Society's cricket squad! The recording also offers a few nice glimpses of Otto Penzler's The Mysterious Bookshop, which hosted the event.


Arthur Conan Doily

January 17, 2022 — Peggy Perdue has created yet another artistic interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle. This one, titled "Arthur Conan Doily," was introduced to the world in a limited-edition pamphlet distributed to Doyleans who attended the inaugural Doylean Honors ceremony at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York City on January 13. The ACD Society promised (in appropriately fine print appropriately situated at the bottom of the back page of the pamphlet): "An e-version will soon be available on the Society's website at" And here it is! The images above illustrate three important stages in the creation of the Arthur Conan Doily: (1) creation of a grid to guide eye and needle, (2) creation of the Doily itself, and (3) inspection of the Doily.


The Envelope, Please . . .

January 13, 2022 — It is with pleasure, pride, and great respect that we announce our inaugural Doylean Honorees.

For Lifetime Service:

Christopher Roden

For excellence in the "Fiction and Poetry" category:

Gretchen Altabef for the short story in Sir Arthur and the Time Machine Sherlock Holmes: Further Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells Volume Two (Belanger Books)

Stephen Gallagher for the short story The Governess (The Brooligan Press)

Barbara Rusch for the short story The Consulting Detective and the Literary Agent: The Untold Tale (The Sherlock Holmes Society of India website)

For excellence in the "Performing and Visual Arts" category:

Daniel Henocq for ElementStory #08.1–Le chien des Baskerville (the Hound of the Baskervilles) (Youtube)

Bonnie MacBird for Modern Major Super Sleuth (Youtube)

Peggy Perdue for Arthur Conan Doll (Canadian Holmes)

For excellence in the "Scholarly Writing" category:

Stephen Carver for the post Dinosaurs, Disintegration Machines and Talking to the Dead: The Wild World of Professor Challenger (The Wordsworth Blog)

Douglas Kerr for Memories and Adventures by Arthur Conan Doyle (Edinburgh University Press)

Shawna Ross for the article Sightseeing the Anthropocene: tourism, moorland management, and The Hound of the Baskervilles (Nineteenth-Century Contexts)

Congratulations to all! Look for a special Doings of Doyle podcast about the Doylean Honors. Coming soon.


Welcome to the Inaugural
Doylean Honors Ceremony

January 12, 2022 — Please join us tomorrow (Thursday, January 13, at 11:15 a.m. ET) either in person at The Mysterious Bookshop (58 Warren Street, NYC) or online at Doings of Doyle (register for free here) to celebrate excellence in Doylean Fiction and Poetry, Performing and Visual Arts, and Scholarly Writing, and to salute the Lifetime Service of one extraordinary Doylean. See you at the Bookshop or online for the inaugural Doylean Honors!


An Early Welcome to 2022

December 29, 2021 — Society membership cards for 2022 are in the mail and en route to folks whose memberships extend into 2022. We hope you are terrified, and perhaps mystified, by the image on the other side. Happy new year!


"A Common Newsletter"
Is at the Printer, and Here Now

December 17, 2021 — The third issue of our newsletter (and the last for 2021) is at the printer now. We will mail it to members as soon as we have it in hand, but, alas, it might not reach them until early 2022. So, to ensure that the last of the 2021 newsletters really is available in December 2021 (even if the ink-on-paper version isn’t until January 2022), we’re posting an electronic edition now. Voila!


We Have a Logo, and a Moustache

November 28, 2021 — We are pleased to report that the ACD Society now has a logo. We announced a logo contest back in January, with a deadline of June. Why did it take so long to announce a winner? Partly because we received numerous excellent entries, and partly because we just aren't very efficient.

So, we begin by thanking the creative and generous Doyleans who sent us their logos.

Second, we thank and congratulate Brian Belanger (of Belanger Books fame, pictured below between two of his book covers) for creating the Society's logo. You can admire the logo's mustachioed elegance in the banner at the top of this webpage, where it appears in the middle of an array of ACD's works. Soon you will also find it in "A Common Newsletter," on the Doylean Honors certificates we will be presenting on January 13, in our tweets, and elsewhere.


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